FREE intro session!


Take online lessons in Qigong, Taijiquan, and Shaolin from the comfort of your own home.

Refine your theoretical knowledge and existing form or learn new material.

Save time, save money, and create a schedule that works for you.

Lessons may include:

  • Side-by-side personalized corrections (your instructor shows, you follow, your instructor provides feedback)

  • Feedback on your form from videos submitted prior to each lesson

  • Introduction to new material

  • Theoretical discussion

  • General Q & A


Lessons can be arranged on an ongoing or as-needed basis.

The duration and frequency of the lessons will be mutually decided on.

For example, ongoing lessons can be conducted every few weeks to every other month.

Or, the student may contact the instructor on an as-needed basis to schedule each lesson.

Some instructors may offer special package deals and custom training plans.




Please contact us and provide your:

  • Name

  • Brief training background

  • Training topics and objectives

  • Existing injuries, conditions, other health concerns

  • Preferred instructor (if any)

  • Email



We will match you with an instructor via email. Prior to the intro, you and your instructor will determine a meeting time and video app to be used (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc...).


Your instructor will provide you with his or her rates and options via email and/or during the intro.

During the intro, you will get to know your instructor and discuss your training topics and objectives for online learning.



After the intro, you and your instructor will decide whether to continue with lessons or possibly switch to another instructor.



Read more about each student.

Jonathan Chang

Jonathan began his martial arts training at age 5 and started teaching kids’ classes while still in high school. Within his second year in the 10-Year Shaolin/Taiji Training Program, Jonathan was traveling with Dr. Yang to assist at seminars and training camps worldwide. At the same time, he began teaching a local Taiji class on the weekends. He continues to hold workshops and private lessons in between semesters.

Jonathan offers various packages and custom training plans.

Subjects offered: Shaolin & Taijiquan

Frank Verhülsdonk

A full-time student since 2010, Frank has assisted Dr. Yang with the majority of the summer seminars. He has also provided hours of daily instruction to the 3-Year Taiji/Qigong students since their first year. His training and teaching experiences provide him with an in-depth understanding of Qigong and Taiji theory and applications.

Subjects offered: Taijiquan & Qigong

Javier Rodriguez

Since childhood Javier has been deeply intrigued by the world of martial arts. His studies included Karate, Philipino Arts, Yoga, and fitness, until 2009 when he immersed himself in Dr. Yang’s Shaolin,Taiji and Qigong discipleship program. “I maintain a student mind-set and aim to bridge the gap between these ancient gems and our modern world.” Always residing in the question, Javier seeks to continually deepen his understanding, practice, and feeling, as he helps to create experiences for others in which they can do the same.


Subjects offered: Taiji integration, Qigong foundations, Gongfu mindset, Silent Sitting (meditation)

Michelle Lin

Prior to beginning the 5-Year Shaolin/Taiji Training Program in 2013, Michelle studied and taught martial arts at YMAA Andover in Massachusetts. She has also taught classes in the Andover Chinese School programs and private lessons for small groups. Since beginning her studies at the Retreat Center, she has gained additional experience by instructing the newer students, visitors, and teaching a local Taiji class on the weekends. Michelle teaches workshops with Jonathan in between semesters.

Michelle offers various packages and custom training plans.

Subjects offered: Shaolin & Taijiquan

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