The YMAA CA Retreat Center Property is up for sale

The Center property encompasses a secluded 243-acres in the mountains of Northern California. The Center lies on a mountain peak in the center of a valley at an altitude of 1050-feet and is surrounded by mountain peaks that range from 1,650 to 2,400-feet in altitude. From a Chinese Feng-Shui point of view, this is a rare and ideal place for a meditation or retirement. North of the property, there is a creek (Salmon Creek) that forms the Yin Pole of the landscape, and on the South, it faces the mountains forming the Yang Pole. South-East of the property, there is an old volcano, Bear Butte. Though this volcano is not active, its energy continues to emerge and influence the entire valley where the Center is located. This all creates a strong energy vortex around the property with ideal conditions to trap energy in the valley where the Center sits.

During his 10 years of residence at the Retreat Center, Dr. Yang has produced a many popular DVDs such as Taijiquan for Beginners and written several books in this location including this popular book, Dao De Jing – Qigong Interpretation.

The Center is completely independent for water and energy resources.  Water is provided year round by a well and spring water (16,500 gallons storage).  The Center runs on solar energy (12kW grid) with two back-up generators on site. There are also 2 large organic gardens, a green house, and a chicken coop capable of holding 50 chickens.

Facilities at the center include: an indoor training gym, a 12 person sauna house with 2 showers, a meditation gazebo and a 100-yard shooting/archery range.

The property is ideal for someone looking to run a retreat center with minimal setup.  It would also make a beautiful private home.

We invite you to visit the Center to see and experience its natural beauty and strong energy.

For more information and to arrange a visit, please contact Dr. Yang.

Phone: 707-502-8739



Main House

Two stories, 4/5 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 offices

Guest Cabin

Two stories, 2 bedrooms, full kitchen, 1 bath, wood stove, 2 outside bathroom stalls

Gardens, Solar, and Water

Green House, 2 large Organic Gardens, Chicken coop, 12kW Solar grid, 16,500 gallons of water storage

6 live-in sheds

Training Facilities

Meditation Gazebo, Training hall, Shooting/Archery Range, Sauna (with 2 showers)