Horsemanship: Final Words

Enrico's Thank You Letter

Hi Michael,

I want to thank you again for the priceless opportunity you gave me and all of us, coming into our lives and giving us the chance to enjoy one of the most intense and meaningful experiences of my life. To thank you as much as I can, I'll try to be as much honest as possible in describing my feelings involved in this experience.

In the beginning, I was scared and at the same time curious about horsemanship, since I've never ridden a horse before. Most of all, I was a little bothered by the fact that I have to stop training for one week in order to join your teachings at the center and then to live for Chico and stay there for few more days. Especially because the week before your arrival, we shot an instructional video which took time from our training.

I still couldn't see how valuable and special horsemanship is. Right after we arrived at the sanctuary, suddenly my boredom was gone. Those animals had a strong effect on me. When I was close to them, I was scared, yes, but also so vulnerable. What I mean is that I felt they have no masks and that they could see inside my heart, inside my soul. This really touched me and at one point I felt like a knot was in my throat and I wanted to cry. This is how I felt from that moment until the end of our journey. Scared and vulnerable.

Those horses are so pure compared to us people. With them coming to me to be pet, I felt like I was not being judged by my behavior, my ideals, my education, my skills, my weakness, etc. It was like they didn't care about what kind of "matrix" person I still am. When those horses were close to me, I just felt like their heart was connecting to mine, like their soul was connecting to mine.

Every time I was close to them, initially I was scared, but after that brief moment, once I looked in their big eyes "reading" me, that fear was gone.

There was nothing to fear as long that connection was created. They didn’t have to say any words to make me feel accepted and loved unconditionally, for what I truly am. I returned that love and that feeling was one of the most powerful things I've ever experienced in my 32 years of life. I could barely feel that today with another person because of bad experiences from my past years, especially in my boyhood. I have hard time opening myself like that to someone, but those horses really saw through me and it was so powerful. To feel loved like that and be able to pay back that love made me wanted to cry, because finally in my life, I was experiencing the meaning of that word.

Now, I want to be able to put that example into work in my life from so on. Of course I'm already doing that, but now I want to be capable of manifesting the kind of love that horses taught me in a more powerful way. This has to happen with myself as well with others. I'm guilty of being very tough on myself, especially in the past few years, sometimes verging on hating myself.

Horses let me see that they could go beyond what we believe is good or bad. They just feel the essence, the source, and they go straight away to that source, looking at our true selves, the one who has no mask, the one connected with the ultimate source. I know it will be a huge experience for me, as for everyone I suppose, but I'll strive for it with all of my will and might.

Thank you again Mike, to have impacted my life so powerfully!


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