Lego My Ego

A Retreat Center visitor recounts his experiences at the Tiger Claw Elite Championship

Prison is a very hard place. I learned very quickly that you cannot show your weaknesses or you will be taken advantage of. This is why when you look at an inmate who has just paroled from prison, you can tell that they have just gotten out. I know when I paroled my friends called my look, ‘the infamous Ed’, because my head was always way up, where I had to look down my nose at people. My shoulders were always back and I was always immediately ready for a fight if one came my way. This did not mean that I wanted to fight. I just learned that bullies like to prey on easy targets. In prison it is a hustle to prey on the weak, and some guys make good money doing it. I was not always that hard though. When I left home 2 days before my 18th birthday, I had many weaknesses. To give you a glimpse at that old me, let me share a story with you.

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