San Jose Trip

For Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine’s 25th Anniversary, a special Grandmasters LIVE! show was held on Friday evening at The Historic California Theater. Dr. Yang performed Taijiquan in the ornate theater hall among many other well known martial artists.

Photo by Kevin Ho (Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine)

For the Tiger Claw Elite Championship, several students registered for the Push Hands and Taijiquan divisions. Enrico was awarded 1st place in his weight class for Restricted Step Push Hands. Declan beat one other competitor in Taijiquan.

Unfortunately, due to organization errors and the lack of competitors in other divisions, the other students were unable to compete. While the kids’ Kung Fu divisions are often packed, the adult divisions for both Kung Fu and Taijiquan are sadly sparse.

Jonathan and Michelle assisted as judges for Traditional Kung Fu divisions.

For the Kung Fu Tai Chi Day Masters’ Demo, Jonathan, Quentin, and Enrico, performed Fighting Set, Spear vs Saber, and Kun Wu Gun.

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