YMAA 35 Years

Happy 35th anniversary to YMAA International and Happy Birthday Nicky!

Thank you Dr. Yang, YMAA directors, instructors, students, and supporters.

Nicky, THANK YOU for everything you've done for the Retreat Center and its students.

"I share a common birthday with YMAA International. Maybe this is partly why I feel such a deep passion and connection to YMAA and all the good things we constantly strive to represent. Or perhaps I'm just a classic sentimental fool. Sometimes it all feels like a dream, one that I keep hoping will be everlasting, forever true and real. My vision of YMAA has always been for everyone to know, feel, and think good thoughts whenever they hear the name. I wish I could see so far into the future, but if history has been any teacher, I've learned that the future remains untold. Regardless, we will continue to work towards a sustainable and respectable outcome. YMAA is a big part of me and so many others. It will always hold a very special and unique place in my heart, and I sincerely wish that I will never cease to be proud of this family.

Happy 35th anniversary to YMAA International."

Nicholas C. Yang President, YMAA International


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