Dialogue with Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, a Giant of Martial Arts

It reads simple, “Preserving the arts has been the focus of Dr. Yang’s work throughout the past 40 years.” This mission statement appears on the front page of the YMAA Retreat Center. But the journey hasn’t been all that easy.

With a great hope and well planning, the YMAA Retreat Center embarked on the ambitious ten-year training program in 2007 to fulfill Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming’s dream to ensure the authentic lineage of traditional Chinese arts will continue for generations. In 2011, I wrote an article about the Center and its ambitious program. A few months ago, I received an open letter from Dr. Yang that announced the closure of the center in 2019 due to financial difficulty. My heart sank, but I was not surprised. After all, in a time and age when everything moves at Nanoseconds, 10 years seems almost like an eternity.

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