Sixty-Seven and counting...

Today marks the first day of my 68th year living on the planet...I was blessed with phone calls and text messages from family and friends, an unexpected care/love package in the mail from my Kindred, chocolate and pear cakes from my training colleagues, and FaceTime kisses from my grandson and granddaughter. I am fortunate to have lived this long in good health and to have the many relationships that are mutually valued. I am pondering what the next 10 years will be and look forward to the following fifty-nine when I'll be 128 years young! I've been back "on the mountain" 36 days now and much has happened in such a short time. Upon returning, we wee informed that one of our training partners in the 3-Year Program chose to terminate his participation. Our numbers are now down to 3 from the original active 5. Our group expects to graduate in June 2019 and we are half way through the program with 13 months of training left.

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