"Vuja De'"--The Feeling of Having Been There Before...

I didn't purposefully plan to write a Post to coincide with the one from last year this time, but here it is--eleven weeks remaining in this second semester again. The big difference now is it's my second year and I'm near completion of 2/3 of the program! Ironically, I'm nursing a joint injury again--my right shoulder. This time last year it was my left elbow from over enthusiastic rope climbing. Now, my shoulder was injured from over enthusiastic and improper body mechanics in centering drills.

Luckily, my training partners are pretty compassionate, understanding as well as skilled in a variety of healing modalities (massage, the MELT Method, energy work). Coupled with my own expertise and patience, I'm confident I'll be back in ‘fighting’ shape before the semester ends. It's challenging to be in pain yet find a way to sustain my training progress without further compromising my well-being. Were I not self-referenced, it would be very easy to fall prey to another's agenda of what I 'should' be doing. The intensity of this training regimen requires a delicate balance between short-time assertiveness and long-term functional performance. I see it as an investment strategy for quality longevity physically, mentally, emotionally, psychically, and spiritually. In other words, by the time this program ends, I should feel better than when I began it; not worse.

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