Taiwan Trip

On March 15th, 2018, our graduation trip to Taiwan began promptly at 4:30am. After Dr. Yang eliminated all other possible drivers for various reasons, I volunteered to take the first shift of the 4-hour trek to San Francisco. As a functional insomniac, driving an SUV carrying 8 bodies and luggage down on a winding and snowy road before sunrise was just what my New England bones craved. We picked up our friend/media teacher and met with Mei-Ling, Nicky, and Kathy at SFO.

Twenty-six hours after leaving the Retreat Center, we waited (im)patiently for the last person in our group to pass through customs. Unfortunately, for reasons still unknown, through no fault of his own, Quentin’s passport was flagged as invalid and he was unable to enter the country, except to stay overnight at a hotel on his dime before being sent back to the US the next morning. After several failed attempts to free Q, we took a chartered bus to Dr. Yang’s brother’s home in Taipei, our residence for the week.

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