Taijiquan Progress

November 25, 2018

Prince Zuko: Enough. I've been drilling this sequence all day. Teach me the next set. I'm more than ready.
Uncle Iroh: No, you are impatient. You have yet to master your basics. Drill it again!


- Avatar: The Last Airbender


We get the same corrections repeatedly. It's not that we don't improve, but with each new challenge, some basics can be harder to maintain. Rooting, body alignment, softness, relaxation, certain mechanics, focus, intent, etc... You can develop them at slow speed Taijiquan practice and they'll go out the window once you speed up and/or add fa jing. You can focus on a few corrections and some of the others will slip. It gets even uglier when you're under pressure during a sparring round, test, demo, competition, or video recording. 


Out of curiosity, I rounded up my previous Taijiquan videos to compare them with my most recent recording. My form has improved, yet my eye for detail has also improved so I'm no less critical of myself. Without turning this into a book, I've picked out the major corrections.


Read More at barkingrabbit.com

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