The Coronavirus Crisis – A Time For Us to Awaken (Dr. Yang’s Advice #1)


The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is a startling wake-up call to the entire human race. Although advances in science have enabled us to live more comfortably and conveniently than ever before, they have also caused us to rely too much on external remedies for our health and well-being. Nowadays, we often hide behind a wall of technology and chemicals to get better. Our natural immune systems have become unnaturally weak and compromised as a result. We have become “greenhouse” people, seemingly unable to survive without the high-tech amenities and drugs that have become so commonplace in today’s world. In the process, we have been changing nature on a global scale. Now, we must face the consequences and brace ourselves for the challenges that lay ahead. Our current ways of living do not show any signs of imminent change. Material and energy pollution will continue to change the environment in ways we do not expect and are unprepared for, ultimately presenting the most difficult challenges to us, to nature, and to all other life on this planet.

Today we are finding that viruses are still periodically winning the battle over modern medicine, despite all of the great strides we have made in medical research. Viruses have evolved and become much deadlier than what they used to be. Meanwhile, our own capability to adapt and evolve, as these viruses have, has become stagnant because of the very environment we created in order to live a safer and more comfortable life. We need to make our immune system stronger, to try to keep up with pathogenic evolution. In ancient times, maintaining our health was much more imperative, given the absence of modern science. While overall life expectancy in the past was not as high as today, the average person was more adapted to a rougher and less merciful world. Our modern lifestyles have made us detached and ignorant of nature’s condition, and as a result, we fell behind in evolving together with it.

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