The Scientific Foundation of the Ancient Chinese Secret of Youth (Dr. Yang’s Advice #2)


Over the last two years, the scientific information I have come across has helped me untie a compelling Qìgōng mystery: why centenarians were so common amongst Daoists in ancient times. After having studied and researched Qìgōng for over 55 years, I consider this a major revelation. The following article is only a chapter of the book I am currently writing: The Ancient Secret of Youth – A Scientific Foundation. If you wish to read more of my works in Chinese Qìgōng, please visit


The most essential keys to longevity and anti-aging are rooted in your body’s ability to maintain a strong energetic center, which directly aids in the natural production of your body’s hormones. This center is comprised of two important energetic points—the brain and the gut—and they are connected by the spinal cord. It is imperative that you have a strong, uninhibited flow and quantity of Qì throughout this core energy system to maintain your health. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the underlying theory, I will first give a brief background of traditional methods and findings, tie them into more modern scientific research, and then finally close with a look at practice techniques that I recommend for your regular training today.

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