How to Boost/Condition Your Immune System (Dr. Yang’s Advice #3)


This is the third installment of a recent article series that I have been writing regarding the coronavirus crisis today and our body’s immune system. I encourage you to first read the previous two articles: The Coronavirus Crisis – A Time For Us to Awaken and The Scientific Foundation of the Ancient Chinese Secret of Youth.

To accomplish a challenging task successfully, you must always ask three questions. What is the mission? Why do we need to pursue it? And finally, how do we achieve it? My first article focused on the what and the why. We must seriously address the coronavirus crisis today because of the existential threat that it, and other viruses, can one day pose to us as an entire race. The second article was a scientific analysis of how certain key practices and theories may help us find ways to reduce the impact of similar outbreaks in the future. In this article, I will explain in detail how to boost your immune system, both for the short term—to hopefully alleviate urgent situations like the one we have now—and the long-term.


We cannot deny that the immune system is a crucial key to longevity. Before antibiotics were discovered, many people died young. Only those whose immune systems were strong enough had a better chance of surviving the pathological challenges of nature. In ancient times, Chinese Daoist Qìgōng practitioners worked on developing ways to boost and maintain the immune system from within the body. They were able to extend their lives two to three times longer than the average person. Today, we are able to analyze and explain their practice using modern science, untying and comprehending some of the mysteries behind how their methods worked and what made them effective. Of course, modern science also gave us vaccines and antibiotics, which have helped greatly to increase life expectancy. Our immune systems have now evolved together with the development of vaccines over hundreds of years. However, I believe that vaccines and antibiotics should only be used for the most extreme cases, such as for diseases that we cannot prevent or cure in time. If we rely on modern medicine for all diseases, including ones that our bodies should naturally have the capability to defend against, one day we will be completely defenseless when viruses once again adapt to become resistant to all of our current medicines.

I have summarized and compiled several of the ancient Daoist training techniques into this article for your reference. My hope is that it will offer you some insight into how you can build up your immune system, using just your own body. While we cannot confirm yet what specific benefits these techniques may have on the current coronavirus, I am confident regardless that this training will help to defend and fight against all diseases. My goal is to help you understand how to develop and maintain a stronger immune system to keep your body safer, healthier, and more protected—starting with now but also for the future.

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