2020 Seminars moving to 2021

Unfortunately, with the Coronavirus pandemic continuing to plague us and there being no sign of a timely recovery, we have decided to move the entire 2020 YMAA CA Summer Seminars to next year. The new schedule for next year will be:

  • July 9th (Fri.) – 16th (Fri.), 2021 Qigong-3

  • July 16th (Fri.) – 23rd (Fri.), 2021 Qigong-4

  • July 23rd (Fri.) – 30th (Fri.), 2021 Dao De Jing and Qigong

  • July 30th (Fri.) – Aug. 6th (Fri.), 2021 Taijiquan/Taiji Staff

  • Aug. 6th (Fri.) – 13th (Fri.), 2021 Taiji Pushing Hands/Fighting Set

  • Aug. 13th (Fri.) – 20th (Fri.), 2021 Taijiquan and Martial Applications

Those who have registered and paid for 2020 will have their reservation automatically transferred to 2021. For those who wish to cancel their 2020 reservation, please contact us and you will receive a full refund.

With the Retreat Center’s current financial difficulties resulting from this pandemic, if the situation improves by the end of July, I intend to offer four week-long seminars beginning September 9th (Wednesday). The schedule will be as follows:

  • Sept. 9th (Wed.) – 16th (Wed.), 2020 Qigong – 1: Qìgōng Theory & Spine (Lower Back) Qìgōng

  • Sept. 16h (Wed.) – 23rd (Wed.), 2020 Qigong – 2: Medical/Healing Qìgōng

  • Sept. 23rd (Wed.) – 30th (Wed.), 2020 Tàijíquán/Tàijí Saber

  • Sept. 30th (Wed.) – Oct. 7th (Wed.), 2020 Pushing Hands/Tàijí Fighting Set

The difference between these seminars and summer seminars are:

  • We will take only 10-12 participants per group.

  • We will have 5 hour long seminars, instead of 6, each day.

  • We will not have a chef here to cook for the group. All participants will share in the cooking duties.

  • We will not have workers here to clean and maintain the garden and other work. Saturday afternoon will be a day for cleaning and working in the garden.

  • Sunday will be a rest day.

  • Wednesday is arrival and departure day.

It will be similar to being a visiting student coming to the Center during the regular semester. We learn, practice, cook, and work together like a family. We will have two teaching assistants, Quentin Lopes and Colin Borsos.

We will announce details on August 1st if traveling is safe for everyone.

For the time being, please pay attention of the online lesson availability. We have also recorded them, and they will be for sale if you cannot make it.

2021 Seminar Registration Can Be Found Here

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