Meet the students in the full-time training programs.

Quentin Lopes

Joined 2012

Quentin graduated in 2018 and will train at the Retreat Center until 2021

Hometown: Mashpee, MA, USA

Age: 20

I trained martial arts before I even went to kindergarten. My dad put me in a Kung Fu school when I was about 3, and I trained there until I was 12. Later, I began training at YMAA Boston.


Since the first day I visited, I have felt that the Retreat Center was the place for me. My purpose in training at the Retreat Center is to better myself and deepen my understanding of martial arts. I hope to improve my teaching skills and pass on what I learn at my dad's martial arts school back home.


After finishing my training at the center, I want to attend college for acupuncture.

Colin Borsos

Joined in 2016

Hometown: Bloomington, MN, USA

Age: 27

Colin is a pacifist at heart with a deep-seated interest in the defensive strategies and wellness aspects of traditional Chinese martial arts. He first practiced Qigong and Yang style tai chi with Fred Ho and Marilyn Allysum through the Tilopa Tai Chi school in Minneapolis, MN. Periodically, Colin attended the YMAA Retreat Center summer seminars and training semesters before joining as a full-time student in 2016.

Colin greatly values his time studying with Dr. Yang and the opportunity to truly focus on all aspects of his practice – physical, spiritual and mental – that the Center affords. As a senior student, Colin spends part of his time instructing the newer students.

Introspective and analytical, Colin is more likely to listen or to coax conversation from others than to speak himself. He hopes to always be able to teach and train in some capacity, and to share what he has learned with others.

Jamie Urquhart

Joined in 2016

Hometown: Lake Hawea, Central Otago, New Zealand

Age: 63

Debra Lind

Joined 2018

Hometown: Jackson, WY

Age: 62

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