The Scientific Foundation of the Ancient Chinese Secret of Youth (Dr. Yang’s Advice #2)

Introduction Over the last two years, the scientific information I have come across has helped me untie a compelling Qìgōng mystery: why centenarians were so common amongst Daoists in ancient times. After having studied and researched Qìgōng for over 55 years, I consider this a major revelation. The following article is only a chapter of the book I am currently writing: The Ancient Secret of Youth – A Scientific Foundation. If you wish to read more of my works in Chinese Qìgōng, please visit Abstract The most essential keys to longevity and anti-aging are rooted in your body’s ability to maintain a strong energetic center, which directly aids in the natural production of your b

The Coronavirus Crisis – A Time For Us to Awaken (Dr. Yang’s Advice #1)

Introduction The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is a startling wake-up call to the entire human race. Although advances in science have enabled us to live more comfortably and conveniently than ever before, they have also caused us to rely too much on external remedies for our health and well-being. Nowadays, we often hide behind a wall of technology and chemicals to get better. Our natural immune systems have become unnaturally weak and compromised as a result. We have become “greenhouse” people, seemingly unable to survive without the high-tech amenities and drugs that have become so commonplace in today’s world. In the process, we have been changing nature on a global scale. Now, we must fa

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