Come train with Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming and the full-time students


The isolation of the Retreat Center combined with the dedicated facilities and rigorous training schedules allow practitioners to achieve deeper levels of skill and understanding in a shorter period of time. The center offers an ideal setting for training and rejuvenation with an organic garden, a natural spring well, and good energy from the mountains and forests of Northern California.

Visitors can attend summer seminars or participate in the regular training with the full-time students. As a visitor, you are expected to adhere to the Retreat Center rules.


Seminars run for 6 weeks from July 6th - August 17th.


Train with full-time students in the Shaolin/Taiji or Qigong/Taiji Programs and follow their daily routines.

September 1 - December 15
January 15 - June 30


Thank you everyone for letting me rotate in with your training routine and for all of your help/instruction. Everyone that I trained with was exceptionally knowledgeable and had a passion for sharing that knowledge. The students are all perfectionists in their art. I was able to improve my fundamentals greatly through their help and picked up quite a few conditioning drills and ideas. Coming back home I now feel re-energized to push my training further. I really enjoyed my short time at the retreat center and hopefully I will be able to get back there for a few days in the spring.

Anthony Relator

It has been 2 weeks since I visited your YMAA Retreat Center and I have been slowly digesting my experiences during my visit.  I write this note to just say thank you!  Thank you not only for the hospitality during my visit but really for the knowledge that you have so freely shared through your many books and digital media.  You are truly a cultural bridge between east and west.  Your scientific approach to Asian Martial Arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine is unique and will stand as a real value to students long into the distant future.  The publications available through the YMAA publishing house give voice to authors that would not necessarily be heard and preserves their arts for posterity.  Thank you!

John Current

It was a very pleasure to stay at the Retreat Center. After coming back from the seminar, I feel more centered, happier, healthier, and lighter. The food cooked by the disciples was excellent. Thanks to all. It was very memorable time. I really respect your teaching and humble mind. You are the real true master. I want to come back next year. Once again, Thank you so much.

Don Kim

I'd like to thank you and all your disciples for such a great time we had during this summer seminar. It felt like home. I learned so much and had the opportunity to practice around the clock with people from all around the world, who were so interested in learning and sharing experiences. I'm looking forward to meeting you guys again next year.

Flavio Pontes

I spent two weeks taking two of the Qigong seminars at the Retreat Center in the summer of 2009. The Center is a very pleasant and relaxing place to stay. The daily training schedule strikes the right balance between work and relaxation, with an early start but a very relaxing break for lunch and rest. The week-long format for the seminars gives the student the opportunity for repeated practice and internalization of the skills he or she is learning. Dr. Yang, as always, was a very informative and entertaining teacher. I met some wonderful people during the two weeks, some of whom will probably become life-long friends. The food was good too, though with all the exercise and practice, I did lose a few pounds.

Roger Blough

I have been in Boston quite a few times, and I enjoyed the training there. However, I found that we get much deeper learning in California. I have spent four weeks in total at the Retreat Center. For each seminar, I spent a whole week with Dr. Yang and only twenty other students. I can tell you that one week of intense training goes by really fast! Apart from the training, I had the chance to meet amazing people. At one point, there were people coming from at least ten different countries. So you have all these people with unique cultural backgrounds who get together because they share the same passion for martial arts. It was an amazing experience and I will certainly come back next summer!

Alexandre Faguy

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